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Piss Poor Iron Clad

By Bruce Clifford

Piss poor iron clad
Are we really this bad
Make some noise and say it again
Hold your breath and count to ten

Piss poor iron clad
Are we denied a sense of glad
Take it to the naked shore
Raise your glass and ask for more

I'll be back in another life or two
After the tide comes in there will be
an ocean in front of you
It's the only thing we can do

Say it again

Piss poor iron clad
The emergency in this colored fad
From yellow to orange and turning red
Clouds of radiation inside my head

Piss poor iron clad
Perpetual world lonely and sad
Make some noise and say it again
Turning blue and counting to ten
The future of what could have been

Say it again
Say it again
Say it again

Why have things turned out this bad
So piss poor and iron clad
I'll come back another day
When the sky is clear and it welcomes me to stay

3/1/03 Bruce Clifford  

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