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Another Look

By Bruce Clifford

Feeling so alone I can taste the wine
Every time I feel alone
Feeling so sublime I could hardly reach the air
As if I couldn't care

There are many times I feel so strong
Like I could touch the breeze and run all day long
And I could open up like a brain teasing self help book
Then I could shut down before you take another look
Another look inside my mind

I don't try to be hard, but I'm still learning to be
Sometimes you can open my soul
Other times you're tapping into things you don't know

There are times when I feel so alone
Then there are the times when I know I can be strong
I can open up like a shrink would want me to do
But then I could shut back down when I take another look at you
Yeah, I could shut you out, but it's not because of you

Feeling so alone I could taste the night
Every time I feel this way
Feeling left out because I didn't want to go
I wanted to go

1/19/03 Bruce Clifford  

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