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Cookin' with Leo

By Leocthasme

Indoor BarBeQuin'

Here we are, right smack dab in the middle a' winter (anyway you Northerners are) and probably too cold ta' get outside an' fire up the grill fer all yer football buddies what come over to set a spell an' watch their favorite teams an' of course the playoffs comin' up shortly. Well now, them buddies all like ta' chow down too. After all, spendin' a long afternoon in front of a TV with nuttin' but a case or two of Colorado Kool Aid an' lots of excitement can get 'em worked to a frenzy mighty soon, without somethin' ta chow down on. So, I'm gonna' make all you Northern buddies a' mine the best dog-gone INDOOR BBQers of all time. Of course, ya'll can repay me fer this favor the next time I get up in yer neck a' tha woods.

What you will need:

    Any kind of meat suitable for Barbeque, Ribs, Country Ribs, Pork Steaks, Beef Steaks, Chicken Quarters, whatever. And, get plenty of it, 'cause you are only gonna do this once to last the rest of the winter, when spring comes along you can get back outside again.
    A jug of the cheapest Barbeque Sauce. I said cheapest, because you are going to make it better anyway. All you want is the basic ingredients.
    Mick or Bud (if you dare use lite or cheap beer then stop reading now). Thin the sauce, 1 part sauce and 1 part beer.
    Coleman's Dry Mustard. For each 16 oz of the thinned sauce add 2 tablespoons of dry mustard.
    Olive Oil. For each 12 oz can of beer you used, add 2 oz. of Oil.
    Oregano. Add 1 tablespoon for each can of beer you used.
    Maple Flavoring. For each can of beer you used add tsp. Maple flavor (make sure you are not using imitation maple flavor, the good kind is pure maple in about 70% alcohol)
    Brown Sugar. To each 8-12 oz jug of cheep BBQ sauce add 1/2-cup brown sugar.
    Cumin, and Pace Medium Salsa, optional. For a Tex Mex flavor add an 8 oz jar of salsa with a tablespoon of cumin to a quart of mixed BBQ sauce.
    Chili Powder

This is how to do it:

    Divide or cut your meat into serving portions. Brush on some of the prepared sauce, sprinkle on a little nutmeg, pepper, and chili powder on each side of the meat.
    Turn your oven on BROIL. Place the pieces of meat on your broiling pan and broil for about 1 minute on each side or just long enough to get each side brown and brush some more sauce on when you turn it. When browned enough, you can brush them with the sauce and wrap in foil with a tablespoon of the sauce and put each wrapped piece in the freezer 'til you are ready for them. When you wrap the meat in foil make sure the foil is sealed so that nothing can leak out when you are ready to finish cooking.
    To finish cooking, get out the necessary pieces of sealed meat and place in the oven. Set the temp to 225 Now, you can go to bed and your BBQ will be ready the next day when your company arrives.
    Potato salad and Garlic Bread go fine with this.

I hope your favorite team wins
while your buddies are enjoying your BBQ.

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