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If Today I Should Die

By Bruce Clifford


There are no words today to describe how I feel
There is no room today to hide what is real
You touch me in too many ways to describe
If today I should die you would be the best part of me

I stay awake through all of these broken nights
Wishing that you were by my side tonight
I watch the time slowly drift away
Knowing I would one day see your smile again

There are no words to describe what is real
There are too many broken dreams that need to heal
If you only knew how you've touched my soul
If today I should die you would be the first to know

All the things that remain unsaid
Time is a vision hanging over our head
Maybe a love can be created in time
Broken hearts that need to unwind

There are no words today to describe what's inside
The pain left behind us when two worlds collide
I don't know how to resist the things that I feel
If today I should die I would leave with something real  

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