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Cookin' with Leo

By Leocthasme

Baked Apples

(Just 'cause it's That Time of the Year)

Well, it's time to get things ready for Halloween, and all the little witches an' devils that are gonna invade your house.

So, ya' might just as well start getting' things ready for 'em. An' this is somethin' the li'l urchins can do too, because it is a simple recipe.

OK, for this recipe you can do 4, or 6 or even 8 or 12 baked apples dependin' on how many family members, friends and ex-wives you have to feed. So, if I do 4 here, all you will have to do is up the ingredients accordingly, such as 1x for 4, 1 1/2x for 6, 2x for 8, or 3x for 12, and etc., if you have a huge family, friend, and ex list. Plus you'll need a covered cauldron and a restaurant range. Hope you kids are all up on your modern math, whichever. You probably have a covered baking dish or casserole that will at least hold 4 or 6 apples. You will need a good-sized one for 8 or 12. So let's get cookin'...

Remember this recipe is for 4, so let's get

    4 baking apples. Do not peel the apples but do core them.
    cup brown sugar.
    cup raisins.
    4 teaspoons butter, real cow stuff, not no yellow grease.
    2 teaspoons ground cinnamon.

That's it, the whole kit and caboodle!

Now let's bake em!

    Heat the oven to 350F.
    Add about inch of water in the baking dish.
    Thoroughly mix the brown sugar, raisins, butter, and cinnamon and press the mixture into the center of each apple.
    Place them in the dish and cover and bake for 35 minutes.
    Note that the time is about the same whether you are doing 4 or 12 apples, as long as the oven is preheated. That's it kiddies.

    Serve each apple with a little sauce from the pan.

    And if you adults want to liven up the baked apples a bit, use a little red wine and brown sugar in the bottom of the casserole instead of water, that will make a nice rich sauce.


An' A Happy Halloween To You Too!

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Reader Comments

Name: Clara Blair Email:
Comment: Yum! Brings back memories. My mama used to stuff a marshmallow on top of the raisin mixture before baking. Kinda gilding the lilly...



Name: Melinda Cohenour Email:
Comment: Love baked apples! I used to use pecan pieces and Jack Daniels . . .



Name: Mary Ann Email: supermom_57@hotmail.cmo
Comment: YUMMY!!!!!! Good One!



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