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Carrie E. Joslin

A loving mom, grandmother and great grandmother, but first loving her God, and church, and husband. Always a hard worker, and wrote many of her poems to cheer someone up or as a tribute to them. Her Aunt by marriage was Ethel Joslin Vernon, a celebrated poet for her published works. Another aunt, Annie Joslin Payton, was also known for her poetry. All the females in the family write poetry, in fact, and you will find some of their work here, including Lena May (Joslin) Carroll, Linnie Jane (Joslin) Burks, Jacquelyn (Carroll) MacGibbon, Noralee (Carroll) Crowson, as well as Mary (Carroll) Adair.


Type Month Year Title
Poem January 2007 Nosebleed
Poem January 2007 Courting
Poem January 2007 Please Write, Lena May
Poem January 2007 Three Bright Stars
Poem February 2007 Writer of Kentucky Tales
Poem March 2007 I Like Texas
Poem May 2007 Working at Armourís
Poem August 2017 Beautiful Island
Poem August 2017 Beautiful Island of Dreams
Poem August 2017 The Old Pike Road
Poem August 2017 Raindrops and Rivers
Poem September 2017 Our Herbert Boy and Herbert's Response
Poem December 2018 Hospitalized
Poem December 2018 The Delayed Honeymoon Trip
Poem January 2019 2018 Walking With Alice Anne
Poem March 2019 To Virginia
Poem July 2019 'Twas Summer When We Parted
Poem July 2019 To My Darling
Poem November 2019 Dreams of Long Ago
Poem November 2019 In The Land Of A Million Smiles
Poem February 2023 Courting
Poem March 2023 Raindrops and Rivers
Poem June 2023 Nosebleed
Poem June 2023 Working at Armour's
Poem June 2023 Writer of Kentucky Tales
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