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Gypsy Rose

By Kay Forristal

I remember Gypsy Rose with hair sleek and black,
Decorated with pearl pins, cascading down her back.
Great rings dangled from her ears, rings on every finger,
I loved to see her call and loved to linger.

"Madam," she spoke in softest tones,
“Silk ribbons for the little one's hair,
Beautiful hair slides for the child.
Any colour, sold in pairs.
And for Madam.
Silk stockings, perfume and jewelry,
Rustproof clothes pegs, the strongest kind.
They'll last and last on your clothesline.”
“Choose something from my basket, Lady?"

On our kitchen table she spread her wares,
Lovely things, I could only stare.
Diamonds sparkled and she smiled at me,
She tossed her head and laughed flippantly.
Bracelets jingled on her arms.
We bought the goods from Gypsy Rose
Enchanted by her karma.

©2000 Kay Forristal

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