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By Pauline Evanosky

Sensing the Past

I saw red the other day. I sat down to write an article for another website I write for, and I saw red. I didnít know where it came from. It was there. I thought to myself, ďGo ahead, letís explore this.Ē

Sometimes, when you close your eyes, an image might flash. You can do it deliberately and think as you close your eyes, ďI want to be outside.Ē Then, you wait for the vision. I did it just now, and I saw a meadow full of wildflowers. In the distance, there were mountains. The longer I am in the vision, the more I will notice, the more I will see. And thatís one way to do it, to tap into the world of psychic stuff.

Except, itís not necessarily psychic. You can do this on your own. Itís like taking a big breath, filling your lungs with a deep breath, holding it, and then releasing it, imagining that stress and worry exit your body as you breathe out. You donít even have to be experiencing an inordinate amount of stress for the deep breath or seconds-long vision to work or to lift your mood.

These things can just set you straight again. It just takes seconds and can give you a boost like one of those energy drinks. Except you didnít spend any money on it.

The red I saw the other day was not something I initiated. It was just there as I closed my eyes, waiting for something inspiring to occur to me that I could write about. I was surprised because that doesnít happen a lot, but I wasnít afraid of the red. It wasnít like I was seeing blood and guts from a car crash. I just saw red. Since my objective at the time was to write an article, I thought to myself, ďOkay. Start writingĒ. I typed those same words. ďI see redĒ.

When you channel as I do, Spirit is always there to talk to, and Spirit came to my aid as I wrote the article to ask me more about the red I was seeing.

I said, ďIt is in the distance. I saw a bomb go off.Ē It reminded me of the atomic bomb that went off at Hiroshima at the end of World War II. But, somehow, I knew that was not what this was about. The article went on with me and Spirit talking about this bomb that had gone off in the distance I had seen in my mindís eye. I spoke of the people who must have died, though I did not see or feel them. I spoke of the survivors there must have been, though I did not see them. It was not a long interchange, but I faithfully recorded what we spoke of.

As conversations went, this one went in a different direction, and I ended up talking with Spirit about Atlantis. It was a brief interchange and a short article. I published it.

But all day long, I wondered why I had seen red. I wasnít worried about it. The whole thing was sort of odd. Why red? Why?

It wasnít until the day was moving toward nightfall that I realized what I had seen. The day I wrote that article was September 11, 2023. It was the anniversary of 911, and I had seen a glimpse of it from a long way away.

When I knew what Iíd seen, I was not afraid. It still does not bother me. But I was reminded the day I had that vision that we can see into time. We can go back in time as well as forward toward a possible future.

How useful would something like that be for someone to see that way? I could visit with relatives. I could see my mother again before she passed and welcome her into my arms. I could see, perhaps, the little girl I was and give her a smile and some encouragement. I know I can do it. I also know you can do it. How it begins for you who are not accustomed to having visions is to imagine your loved ones in your mindís eye. You pretend. It might sound like cheating or faking, but I can assure you it is not. Itís how you learn to be a psychic. Youíve got to pretend first and know in your heart that it is real.

We cannot do anything about what happened on September 11, 2001. We can remember, and we can say a prayer for those who perished that day, for those who were injured both during the bombing as well as the people who were saving them and the families left behind. We can think of how afraid we all were that day. And, we were very, very afraid. We can remember them.

If you can imagine sending loving thoughts that way, you can do that, too. Iím certain that would be helpful.

This is the link to the article I wrote on 9/11/23.

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