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By Judith Kroll

I Have a Voice

For years my voice has been muffled. Home, school, religion, marriage, etc all kept me in my place.

When I made up my mind to speak my language, my heart, my soul, it ruffled some feathers, but so be it.

I wasn't mean, but I wanted my thoughts to be expressed.

I remember when my kids were little and when they went to bed we would all hear each other's prayers. Except mine.

I was a woman and was not allowed to pray in front of a man. In this case my now Ex. It was the rules of the cult.

I would listen to each child cite what they thought about their day, and who they were sending love to, etc.

I sat one day contemplating how sad, they never get to hear my feelings, my thoughts, how I matter too.

When my husband wasn't there, I could pray with them, and share that intimate feeling of connection with all.

Now if someone asks me for my opinion, I will give it. Kindly and with love, I will share my thoughts. Sometimes with a dash of humor as well.

We all matter. The stars in the sky matter. They shine on us every day and night, letting us know how important they are to the earth, the environment, and to each of us individually as to how little we are in the universe, but that we still matter

By loving ourselves the love we have within us, is shared, and if each of us can learn to speak our truths of goodness, how much love can be spread throughout the globe. Not just verbally, but also in our actions.

We respect each other, and respect all animals on the earth, and the water supply and the trees, and each other. We have a voice, use it joyfully and with love.
Judith 8-24-23

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