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By Pauline Evanosky

Three Things You Can Do to Be a Psychic

I’ve noticed that where I write at, there seems to be a lot of attention paid to pieces like this one, where the title is Five Things to Do for A Successful Career or Three Things to Do to Get Your Boyfriend to Like You More. It is a very popular technique of sorts, and I intend to do that here. Interestingly, it was one of the Medium articles that suggested people tend to pay more attention to numbered items if the number is odd rather than even. I know gasoline has always been sold at $4.89 rather than $4.84 a gallon. It’s a rule.

This article is Three Things You Can Do to Be Psychic

    1. Pretend.
    2. Read about and visit some psychics.
    3. Writing. Be ready for psychological growth and healing as you develop as a psychic.

Step One: Pretend

Personally, there are a gazillion things you can do to be psychic, but if I were asked to narrow it down to the most important three, I would say the number one thing you should first do is to pretend you are already a psychic.

It sounds like a cheat, but it is not. It is very important to act like it before you become the real deal. I took a Tony Robbins class on cassette from our library once on how to be the best person you can be. He had a story in it about a guy in prison. This man had been a prisoner for a very long time and was asked the question, “What’s the first thing you’re going to do when you get out?” He answered that he was going to win a golf tournament. They laughed at him, saying, “Have you practiced? You can’t practice golf in prison. You’re crazy.” He just smiled. Eventually, he got released, and he did, in fact, win a golf tournament. They asked him how he did it. He said that he practiced golfing in his head all those years in prison. He would imagine being a great golfer.

The thing is, I no longer believe there is a psychic and a not psychic version of us. I believe we are all psychic from the moment of birth. Probably from before that, but I say that from the moment of birth. What I did was develop that part of myself as an adult. I just started paying attention, and I’ve always believed that if I can do something, so can you because I am no different from anybody else. Yes, you can pull that out of yourself.

Step Two: Read about and visit some psychics.

In order to present yourself as a real psychic, you need to start watching them. And this is the second step where you investigate psychics. It doesn’t matter which ones. What you’ve actually done is put out a desire to the universe that you want to be a psychic, and you want to get a closer look.

You trust in the universe that the psychics you need to learn from will come your way. It’s called the Law of Manifestation. It works with all sorts of things, and becoming a psychic is one of those things.

So, just start paying attention to whichever psychics come to your notice. Many of them have written books, and you can read them. By the way, I did these steps, so I can say from personal experience they work.

Here are some of the psychics I read about on the road to becoming a psychic myself. Many I read years and years before I ever thought about myself being a psychic. It was where life led me.

I learned about Seth, my guide, from reading the Seth books in high school. Jane Roberts channeled Seth and, with the help of her husband Robert, transcribed those notes and wrote the books. You can still see Jane on YouTube. She and Robert were fascinating people, and I am ever so grateful to also be channeling Seth.

I think of “The Magic of Findhorn” by Paul Hawken. He told the stories of Peter and Eileen Caddy, where back in the early 60s, they found themselves destitute in Scotland. Eileen was a channel, like me, whose guidance told her to plant a garden. Nothing would grow in the spot, and there commenced some arguing, but then they did plant, and what they planted grew. Crazy grew in a place where nothing would grow. This, to me, represents what it is like to be in touch with Nature and the magic of that. This is one of the first books I read.

Read about Rosemary Altea and her guide Proud Eagle. She got to be quite famous and has many books you can read. She taught me how it is to have a friendly and teaching relationship between a person and their spiritual guide.

Read Sylvia Browne. She became famous and ended up creating her own church. I can understand that because many of the established churches don’t allow for expanded conscious communication with Spirit. She was able to look at a person and get a feel for the physical things going on with them. She’d say things like, “Get your thyroid tested.” She grew up psychic, so her experience was different from my own, where I officially became psychic at 31 years old. Actually, years before I was 31, but I didn’t know what was going on at the time. It was only by looking at my own life experiences from the advantage of hindsight that I realized I’d pretty much been psychic all the time.

Read Pat Rodegast and her guide Emmanuel. I think this one, along with Rosemary Altea, might have been two of the channels that most influenced me. I saw how incredibly natural it all is, how kind and how loving a relationship can be with Spirit. vRead James Van Praagh. He, too, is a famous psychic and, like Sylvia Browne, was psychic from an early age. At the time of this writing, James is very much still alive. Read “Messages from Michael” by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Michael is a group of guides with a complicated, until you understand it, system of levels and over leaves sort of like the enneagram system of personality types employed by lots of companies. I am according to a Michael channel a 7th-level sage old soul. Old souls tend to say, “Whatever” and Mature Souls tend to say, “Do it my way”. It’s just interesting to see how folks stack up.

What goes hand in hand with learning how to become a psychic is developing a deeper spiritual growth. I can recommend a few more books.

One is “A Course in Miracles”. It’s a three-part book, the text, the lessons, and a manual for teachers. I only ever got part way through the lessons, but it was enough to change my mindset enough to allow for channeling to happen.

The other one is “Autobiography of a Yogi.” I read this when I was 16 years old. It was the book that literally fell at my feet in the library. That it was on the lowest shelf and somehow got pushed through just as I walked by was enough to get my attention. Even then, I recognized something was going on, and I realized I needed to read that book. The Yogi (teacher) in question is Parmahansa Yogananda. He taught me compassion.

Another book is “Siddhartha” by Herman Hesse. Written in 1922, this is the story of Buddah’s life.

Many of these books are available online, like “A Course in Miracles.” I have recently begun doing the lessons again and am on the third one as of today. There are only 365 of them, one for every day in the year. This one will really change your life.

I would be remiss if I weren’t to mention Edgar Casey. They called him the sleeping prophet. He would lie down and go into a trance while someone would write down all that he said while he was channeling in a trance. I don’t even know if channeling was a word used when he was alive. He lived from 1887 to 1945. One of his books was in my parent’s collection, and I read it when I was just a little girl. I remember he was a lot like Sylvia Browne, where he would channel medical information that was quite extensive. I wonder now why my parents even had the book. But it was there when I was eight years old.

Don’t feel that you have to read all of these books. Many are available new or secondhand. It would be interesting to see just how many of them you “happen” across on your next trip to a thrift store or to Goodwill. But read at least one.

The other part of getting to know psychics is to visit a few of them. Just to see what they do. You will know if what they say to you is true or not. They are just people. They have absolutely no power to change your life, so you need not be worried about that. Just because they say so doesn’t mean something is actually going to happen. I just want you to see some psychics. Hand over your $10 or $20, or $75 for a reading. Trust in your own intuition that this is the “right” psychic for you to be visiting. Be aware that psychics are human and, as such, have their own filters about how they view reality. Imagine somebody with blue sunshades on and somebody looking at the same scene with rose-colored sunshades on. What they see is the same and yet different. Psychics are like that, just like anybody else on the face of the earth.

For instance, you get a psychic who has an Old Testament sort of worldview. By the way, just take the suggestions from any psychic you go to with a grain of salt, just as you would if you were talking to a friend. My friend Thayer always used to say to me, "Do not let anybody should on you, especially a guide.” It was news to me, but since then, the guides I talk to say things like, “You might consider” instead of “You should.” Or you might get a psychic whose interest is in earth and nature and frame things in terms of nature spirits. The psychic you get might feel easier and want to use the Tarot or the Runes as a tool of divination.

Speaking of which, there are many tools of divination you can use as a psychic. I am more drawn toward the Runes. I’m not sure why but pulling a simple three Rune spread for myself is nice every once in a while. These are just tools that Spirit uses to talk with us. My preference is channeling. I just send out my Spidey senses, and we connect. Actually, I don’t have Spidey senses any more than anybody does, Spider-Man included. It’s just your awareness and consciousness that goes beyond what has been proscribed as what reality really is as defined by people who cannot or won’t.

These days there are lots of places you can go to, most of them online, to take classes to become psychic. My view is that any class would be a first limiting step in learning how to channel because you would be accepting somebody else’s boundaries about what you can and cannot believe. For a better result, take more than one class from totally different teachers. I say for you to trust yourself and just plunge into the water. You are a full-grown adult and know right from wrong. With that in mind, I would say that I trust whatever choices you make.

Step Three: Writing. Be ready for psychological growth and healing as you develop as a psychic.

This brings me to the third step in learning to be psychic. You’ve already done steps one and two, where you allowed yourself to pretend that you are already a psychic and gone and investigated how psychics go about being psychic.

The third step is to start writing. This is your soapbox, where you write about everything that ticks you off, the things that amaze you, the things you are learning, and the things you are unlearning while you develop into a psychic. There will be a lot of emotional growth for you to pass through, and it’s not easy. It is hard, but it is one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself. You don’t have to keep it for posterity. The idea of the act of writing is to puzzle over what you are learning and get it out of you. It can be handwritten or a computerized Word document.

The thing with learning how to be a psychic is that there also be an underlying sentiment to help other people. Otherwise, why be a psychic? If you are going to be of service to other people, you have to be of service to yourself first. Which, in itself, is a huge commitment. You say to yourself and promise your guides and the universe that you will be the most mentally and psychically healthy individual you can possibly be. Now, you will never be 100% mentally or physically healthy. Nobody is. This is part of our own life paths. There is always something new to learn about yourself. There is always room for improvement. But you can at least try.

I made an actual promise to my guides that I would always try to pay attention and always try to be a better person.

This step will show up regardless of whether you know about it or not. Best to be prepared is what I always say. Learning to be psychic goes hand in hand with you getting better at whatever is ailing you right now. I say that because the deeper you get into this lifelong study of being a better psychic, the more shit, yes, I said shit, comes up from inside your own being. What happens to me, my own signal is two-fold. I get cranky. I am Miss Cranky Pants. I also attract bad drivers. Not so much anymore because I don’t drive the car as much as I used to, but years ago? When I was a relatively new psychic? Yes, they would come out of the woodwork. You will have your own triggers. It’s just the annoying or bad stuff that pops up in your life that is the signal to you that you’ve got something under the surface that wants some attention.

I learned about this once from a friend of mine who was a psychologist. I was rattling on about the crazy drivers who had surrounded me on my way to work that morning. Instead of saying something banal to me like, “You’re just having a bad day,” he asked me what was bothering me. I had never heard of such a thing. By the way, he wrote a couple of books. One of them is titled “Be Your Own Therapist: Whoever You Hire is Just Your Assistant” and “Finding Your Soul In the Spirituality Maze.” He has since passed on, but if you look hard enough into Internet Archives (The Wayback Machine) you can find both books as free-reads.

I learned a technique to use when stuff like that starts happening. It’s a psychological healing technique called Focusing. In fact, the founder of this technique is Eugene Gendlin. The book is called “Focusing.” Basically, you lie down on your bed and ask your body, “What’s wrong?” You drift aimlessly, although aware enough for the “problem” to surface and reveal itself. When it does, instantly, you feel a huge physical relief happen.

The example in the book is a woman who went baloney. Her husband had gone to work, she was left alone in the kitchen, irritable as all get out but not knowing why. She smashed a bunch of plates. She’d recently heard about focusing and lay down on her bed to try to figure out what was wrong. What happened is that she realized she wasn’t getting the support she thought she needed from her husband to go to work and to do new things. As soon as she realized it was the right thing that was bothering her, she let out a huge sigh. Her stomach stopped clenching, and her body relaxed. And all was well. When her husband returned, she talked to him about it, and they resolved their issues. I think it is a good technique. It’s worked for me on many occasions. The signal that you’ve figured out what has been bothering you is the great physical ease you experience in your body.

The writing part of this third step in journals is for your eyes only and to track your emotional healing. Getting your feelings and observations out on paper is so important to the entire process.

So, in review the three steps:

    1. Pretend.
    2. Read about and visit some psychics.
    3. Be ready for psychological growth and healing as you develop as a psychic and write.

These are basic steps. Many more experiences will be involved in this process of you becoming a professed psychic. Because you sent out your wishes to the universe, the universe will provide access to the steps you need. I am a loner. Perhaps you are not and will find groups to interact with as your journey proceeds. I’ve mostly done all of this on my own. When it was time for me to start meeting other psychics, I did and realized just how different we all are.

Trust in the process, and although I won’t guarantee you will win the lottery, you might just find yourself on a terrific adventure.

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