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On Trek

By Judith Kroll

It is one of my beliefs, that it would help mankind to know that there is no death. It is a transformation from flesh to spirit in an instant. So no pain..just moving forward. (Something a loving father, I believe would create.)

Here is a post from a re-incarnation site, I want to share. I know my dad left his body hours before his body stopped. So here is someone else's experience...


I have chosen to post this one anonymously since it is so personal, emotional, and sad, yet comforting that the soul separates before death.

One of my lives is difficult to understand why, why would I choose it, what lesson did I seek? It is the late 1800s, San Francisco. I am standing in a long dark hall way of an old house, very frightened. I am a young Chinese girl, about 16. Very long dark hair, small in stature, and thin. No matter what, I want to get away, or if I can't I don't wish to live. I have been sold and placed in a brothel as a sex slave.

The sadness of this life overwhelms me, I am so desperate. I am caught attempting to leave, and at that point, I am stabbed, I die.

There is no pain, my soul separated before death, and as I watched I had no attachment to what had been my earthly body. I was amazed this vision was so clear and detailed. I really had no knowledge this had happened during that period of young girls be sold by their own families, or abducted and placed in these circumstances. It is though my most vivid view of a death and confirmation that the soul separates before the final act.



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