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Alien Christmas

By Bud Lemire

On a planet, far away in a distant place
There lived some creatures, not of the human race
They celebrated Christmas, much different there
These purple-skinned Aliens, without any hair

With three fingers on each hand, and only two toes
And a dark purple knob for a nose
The gifts they give are from the inside
Of the Christmas tree, which is wide

Each gift is not physical, but made up of light
Which comes from the soul, and is very bright
They each give a part of themselves, which means so much
Into the gifts they choose, which is felt in a spiritual touch

Who is each gift for, and how will they know?
Like a magnet, it will recognize it by the soul
And that one Alien, will sense it to be right
This tree of souls, shines very bright in the night
It's not their whole soul, that is given
Only a part, which is cherished by each Alien living
It is the greatest love, to ever share
When your higher self, is aware
The gift you give, is a part of you
You celebrate this holiday, with all you do
It's an Alien Christmas, on this planet so far away
Where wishes come true, on this special holiday

©Dec 06, 2022 Bud Lemire

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