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On Trek

By Judith Kroll

How to Heal

To heal or not to Heal? If you knew anyone can heal, good intent is what one needs, besides the compassion to help others and Self. When I heal, if flows thru me to you. I benefit as well. Healing is beneficial for all.

The real reason we heal is to help the person heal themselves by their own frame of mind believing and accepting divine love.

The Healing we get from God, Universe, Source, Father, Mother, whatever you are comfortable with saying, to me the healing is like a giant waterfall in my mind. It is working day and night it never stops it is always available, no appointments needed. No waiting for vacation time or sickness, it is pure and runs forever.

This waterfall of healing is free. For anyone, of any color, belief, religious or non-religious, Democrat, Republican, etc. Likes dogs or cats or none. In other words, our healing waterfall is unconditional love. Ready for Thanking.

Here is how we can heal ourselves and others for FREE, It works!!

    1. I usually lie down, but one can sit comfy as well.
    2. Mentally when I am relaxed, and I know who I am going to send healing to, I put my relaxed hands in front of me, palms facing me. I look into my hands and feel the warmth gather. I might add here when I first start the warmth was slower in coming. Now I just say healing, and my hands are HOT.
    3. When you can feel the warmth (remember this is from God to you, an intimate moment of pure energy, love) I then say Thank you father for the healing energy….for….Joe Smith, or Myself if you need it.
    4. The energy comes in because our hands tingle a bit, feel warm, and we turn our hands to face outward, and let it flow to whomever. If it is for us, keep them relaxed and facing you.
    5. When you feel the warmth cooling in your hand, that is usually enough. However, if you're like me and feel so relaxed and fall asleep, that is ok too. When you wake up just say. Thank you father, for the healing energy.. and that will shut it off. It doesn’t matter if u sleep all night.

Hints. Sometimes when first starting you can rub your hands together a few times to feel the warmth.. and then proceed.

Anyone can do this, any age can learn this.

When I pray, I pray for the whole planet, every person, on it, every animal, the planet itself. Etc. Sending healing can be sent to the whole planet too. ??
Lots of love to all.
Judith 7/1/22

* * * * *


I walked in their footsteps

When I meet a special friend, find joy of heart, my world spins, I do not want to part.

They are a keeper, our souls content, I unlock a chamber in my heart, Loving tender care I place a portion of their light within.

Each ray of light from another helps build me to be. Uniqueness is the key that perfects us all, binding us as one forever.

I am filled with the light of nature, animal souls too, will my heart explode from all the light?

My soul is invisible, limitless, I am the universe, just like you, I see me in your heart chamber too.

My smile is big from knowing this truth, I will keep sharing and collecting light, watching love explode in shiny drops, touching all: day and night.
Judith 7/25/22

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