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By Bud Lemire

As you get older, you reminisce more
Back to the place, that you've been before
You could have been thinking, of someone you knew
Wondering how they are, and if they think of you

Maybe it's a song, that'll bring you on back
A trip in your memory, and you don't have to pack
Songs mean so much, and they can be treasured
Taking you anywhere in time, they can't be measured

Remembering loved ones, who have passed away
They're alive again in memory, on any such day
They may be gone for now, but they remain a part
Of who you are, in your soul, and in your heart

You traveled one time, to a special place
You remember that feeling, along with a face
The time spent there, the waves on the shore
The memories of being there, can mean so much more

When you are older, you have more memories stored
Because there are many more places, that you explored
I look forward to the future, I love the present and past
I enjoy reminiscing, because my memories are so vast

©June 22, 2022 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Reminiscing is one thing we all do. As we get older, we
have many more places we can go to in our memories.
It's like a film being played within your mind, and you
are watching a rerun of something you enjoyed so very
much. Many times when we reminisce of someone who
has passed, we get emotional at the loss. Yet, we must
remember all the joy they gave us while they were here,
and smile and take that feeling with us as we travel to
the future.

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