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By Judith Kroll

Higher Self

Who is your higher self?

I personally believed it was a different me. Separate from who I am here in the flesh.

People would say they wanted to meet their higher self. I did too. One day I was shown in a dream that we are made in Godís image, speaking of us in the spirit, not flesh form.

Water can take on different forms. Solid (ice), Liquid (water), Gas (vapor).

We as spirits can also take on different forms. Our souls are spirits, pure invisible energy. We can also be Flesh and Blood. Our soul is us. Our higher self is us.

ďAn eternal, omnipotent, conscious, and intelligent being, who is oneís real self." Blavatsky formally defined the higher self as ďAtma the inseparable ray of the Universe and oneself.Ē

We are more than we are taught to believe we are. Talk to your higher self because that part of us, the soul or some say the spirit of us is with us while we are in the human body. We are never alone.

When I see my shadow, I feel it is my other half letting me know they have my back !!

It makes sense now why we must love ourselves. We are eternal, omnipotent, conscious and intelligent beings. We chose to come in the flesh for lessons we decided we wanted to learn...experience. That is why every person alive cannot be judged, and cannot be put in a box to be like everyone else. We are all connected, yet each soul is unique.
Judith 4/9/22

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