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Roger, My Friend

By Bud Lemire

I met you at Harbor Tower, we both were living there
You needed an ear, and I had one that I could share
You were friendly and kind, that's what I could tell
Yet your words were hard to understand, upon my ears they fell

I picked up some words, but many never came
Some told me, that you had a stroke to blame
I blamed myself, for not hearing what you said
One day I did understand you, my poem that you read

One was about Aronson Island, and it touched you
You felt the magic and calmness that it brought too
You explained how it made you feel
Peacefulness, that was even more real

You worked with the dead
And now that is where you were lead
Now you are easily understood
And that is so very good

The last time I saw you face to face
You were knocking at my door, at my place
You needed writing paper, and came to me
For a friend, I shared some with thee

I knew you had a wonderful heart and soul
In Heaven, I know it's made you more whole
Everyone there understands you very well
The Angels dance, and I just heard a bell

©June 29, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Roger, thank you for being my friend. I'm so happy
my poems were enjoyed and gave you comfort. I
recall you came to me and was upset, because
someone told you I didn't like you. I never said
that. I said I couldn't understand you. But you
always made sure I could understand the most
important things. Thank you for that Roger.


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