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Armchair Genealogy

By Melinda Cohenour

My, my, my. Our tree is growing by leaps and bounds!!

This month's column is all about the joy of New Life. Your author has had several sleepless days and nights as we welcome our newest great grandbaby. He and his mommy had a difficult time after a rather pleasant pregnancy. Our tiny precious boy must stay and entertain the NICU team for several more days as he catches up in development. But our hearts are filled with joy!

Our newest edition is but one of the next generation to be welcomed to the family. I am absolutely positive my beloved sister Jacquie is looking down with love from Heaven as her latest great-grandchild arrived just this past month. Another beautiful child with proud and loving parents.

And the editor of our E-zine (my beloved sister) is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her latest great-great-grandchild, scheduled to arrive a few months hence.

With all this excitement and, I must admit, anxiety and stress over the well-being of our own great-grandchild and his mommy, I shall not even attempt to distance myself from the joy, the prayers, and the anticipation surrounding his achieving a healthy weight while his little body learns to balance his blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate and breathing triggers.

In the meantime, I sincerely hope my readers of this column will take the time to browse through some of the many articles and columns I've published on Pencil Stubs Online. To check out prior works, simply click on my name in blue. That hyperlink will bring up a comprehensive listing of all the articles and columns published previously. The columns are listed by date. That requires the reader to click the date to see the featured subject of that month's publication.

As always, I encourage my readers to continue to reap the benefits our modern age provides: research via Armchair Genealogy. If you are new to the joy of genealogical research, many of the early columns published provide hints and tips for successful online research. They include the very basics of how to build your tree, the best and most useful online sites to bolster your research, and ways to organize the materials gathered.

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