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On Trek

By Judith Kroll

Miracles of a Lifetime

Watching my belly grow is awesome
No weight watchers for me
The warmth I feel vibrates thru every pore
I am in love forevermore.
How can you love what you cannot see?
I can because it is a part of me.
The soft flutters are ripples of love
My appetite grows as I grow, but no
weight watchers for me.
Pickles was my nickname, no shame,
I ate the jar before
reaching the check-out lane.
Fixing a room, looking at clothes, knitting a blanket in wait
I was ready for when He opened the proverbial gate.
What a miracle, a part of us, he is a shining light.
No more sleeping thru the night.
It is alright.
I worry now that all is, stays well.
Can I be a mother? Time will tell.
Just keep the love, and let it flow,
and watch the little light glow and grow.

©Mar 5, 2021 Judith Kroll

Author Note:

Miracles come in many ways,
the miracle of life is but one
cherish that experience,
that responsibility we choose,
a gift of our Lifetime,
Our little lights that shine.


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