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There Was A Life

By Lucy Hennessy

There was a life we used to know,
A life we all lived not long ago..
Where freedom ruled and people chose,
life was theirs to compose.
Things we wanted to have or to do,
so easily decided; It was all up to you.
Opportunity and adventure was there aplenty.
But all that changed in 2020.

No longer could we go and do whatever we chose,
life as we knew it shut down and froze.
Loved ones were told not to come near.
We all stayed home through worry and fear.
Outside was contagious, We must all stay safe.
Remain in our houses and keep a safe space.
In our households we struggled With these new ways,
Isolated from what weíve known, and loved, Always.

Life as we knew it wasnít the same,
Confined to our homes trying to stay sane.
Amongst all the madness the fear, the unknown.
People secluded, worried, alone.
There was some light, the world less polluted.
The front liners praised, the brave, saluted.
Households indoors, together united,
with lifeís simple pleasures finally appreciated.

Things taken for granted were suddenly recognised.
Stopping. And breathing, getting reenergised.
One hell of a year has taken hold of us all,
but the future is still ours. It can still be magical.
When normal resides and life can resume,
just take it slow. Donít let it consume.
When families, finally, can reunite,
donít take them for granted. Hold them extra tight.
Donít let lockdown be in vain,
Remember its lessons. And love life again. ??

©December 6, 2020 Lucy Hennessy

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