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This Year

By Bud Lemire

In my life, I think back on all the years
This year, has brought on most of the tears
The fear of what was yet to be
Being safe, was the greatest key

Yet, if you let your guard up, once or twice
The Virus would get you, which wasn't very nice
As humans, we're taught what it means to be together
This year, keeping the distance, we found new ways we could treasure

Value ourselves, and the time we are alone
Think of the many people, that we have known
I'll take a picture, or maybe write a poem
As I sit looking out my window, safely in my home

I've always been alone, as far as I can see
I've come to love my company, as I spend time with me
I have friends and family, who call me on the phone
So physically I may be, but I'm truly never alone

As this year comes to an end, thoughts bring on a smile
I think of what we've been through, and for quite awhile
Even though the virus, has brought on so much fear
I'm so happy that I made it through, This Year

©November 30, 2020 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

With Covid this year. So many of us feared it, while
others ignored it. We had to social distance ourselves
from others. It made it harder on those who had to stay
away from those we love. And then to see some of them
pass. For me, it was more alone time. In this world, I have
always been alone physically. In my mind, I have been with
many (the phone, skype, etc). As we travel through the last
month of this Covid year. Remember, you are never truly alone.


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