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On Trek

By Judith Kroll

Finding Self

I found myself surrounded by the twilight hours, simply put, time between daylight and darkness. That could be before the sunrise or the sunset. I sat all alone. I was not unhappy at all, I was finding myself in the universe. Imagine the whole universe flowing with inhabitants of all sorts, energy being moved and shoved, pushed and pulled in all directions, and I am able to find myself ALONE. Totally. What an indescribable yet undeniable fact.

I have to admit, I could hear things in the trees, and grass moving about, but zero people..NO ONE to share my breath with. I could just BE. As my dad would say, Nirvana.,being part of the whole universe. The true silence experience brings peace, and love, unity and all things good .

I needed to back away from the fake world.. The sphere with fake news, fake like people, greed, dishonesty, lack of values, and find out that I am not that kind of person. Why do I mingle with it? I choose to read certain articles, I choose to watch certain tv shows, and I choose to speak on certain topics..Negatives bombard us daily, from twilight hours to twilight hours.

I share love, and joy, and goodness and peace..all the attributes I find when I am alone in the universe. Many want to be engulfed in the silence of peace. It is right there outside our front doors..or in our homes in a private spot. Or if we have to find a haven, do it. There is comfort in knowing you are “alone” but with like souls always about. Connect with the like souls in the space of oneness with all. That perfect spot awaits you, beckons you to find you and your joy, once again.

Love, Judith 4/4/19

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