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On Trek

By Judith Kroll


On this day, August 22,2015, AT 8:22, my father of 69 years, got his wings to fly around the universe. He has visited me in dreams, in photos he sends, in coins I find, his voice, and I saw him when he manifested himself sitting in a rocking chair where our entertainment center is. He is happy, I am happy. There are pieces of time that open to my memory when I recall moments we spent in our 69 years together. The moment when he and mom brought me a dozen red roses when I was going to sing with my chorus. The time he boiled small rubber washers and put them over a metal stitch in my lower leg, so it wouldn't poke me.

When he stood by my side and walked me down the path outside thru the Rose Arbor... where my wedding dress got stuck on the roses, and he pulled me free, so I could continue my walk to my husband to be.

He adored my children, and grand children, and entertained them with his wit and love for humor. Yes, I miss sitting on his porch, sharing a beer, and talking about anything and everything, just being. His love for life and people I stole from him. Yes, I know he is happy, but I miss his laughter, I miss his.. good thumbs up signal.

His last movie we saw together was Houdini. Time and space was ours that night. He once told me he talked to me thru the stars. He would walk out into his beautiful yard, and look up into the universe and talk to ME. Now I look up into the stars and talk to HIM. Life is truly moment to moment. Precious are the moments we share in time.
Judith 8-22-2019

Unconditional Love in Marriage

Unconditional love is known as affection without any limitations or love without conditions. This term is sometimes associated with other terms such as true altruism or complete love.

How can this unconditional love without limits, be used in a marriage? Many marriage ceremonies state that a partner completes the other partner making them whole. Each partner being a half. Then they make 100 percent. What if..each partner is a whole, and together they make 200 percent.

Each partner would never tell the other partner how to live or what to wear, or what they can do or can't do, but let each person have their free will to just BE who they are? Now before one marries, it would be good to talk out situations where you would be in agreement on..

For example, I do not believe in running around with other people having extramarital affairs. If our mate loves to read, why would we want to stop them because we feel differently about reading? We love without conditions. We don't allow them this or that. We love them without limits.

No limitations. That says a lot. So we are each a whole. We were created a whole being, we stay a whole being, and if we choose, we share our whole being with someone we can spend our life with.
Judith 8/20/19

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