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On Trek

By Judith Kroll

The Last Goodbye

When memories float into my consciousnesss
I relax and let them flow.
Sometimes there are smiles, other times- hurts
Each one recognizable as if they happened yesterday.
Triggers tend to pop certain memories up.
It could be a word, a picture, a song,
The color of a tree in autumn.

A picture etched in my soul was leaving mom and dad's home from a visit we had with them. They got on the steps, and were waving as we backed out of the driveway.

I looked back and waved and thought some day, they won't be here. This might be my last goodbye.

The step is still there, but strangers now occupy the house. Mama passed shortly after that memory, and daddy passed in 2015.

Their energy still abounds as I slide thru old pictures and videos in my minds eye. Is it really a last Goodbye?

From this earthly plain yes, but since we live forever, no.
Besides, they come around, leave signs always.

A treasure of love and life as each person we meet
leaves pieces of their light with us, and we leave ours with them.
An interchange of love to help each of us move along in this earthly journey.

There are 60 minutes in an hour....60 moments enjoy.
Treasure our time with our loved ones, each moment is precious.
Judith 6/27/19

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