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Things We Need To Let Go

By Bud Lemire

Get rid of things, that are no longer in style
Update your way of life, and do it with a smile
Changes come along, time to change the show
All through life, there are things we need to let go

The TV doesn't work, there's no picture on the screen
Just a light comes on, and it is just green
Time to get a new one, and they're so much bigger too
It'll be nice to get another one, and it will be brand new

My stereo isn't playing, its gone on the blink
I can't play my music, and boy does that stink
Time I get rid of it, I've had it quite awhile
Maybe I can update it, to a modern style

My bed is way too small, I could use a bigger bed
My feet hang out, and I always bang my head
The pillows are good, they seem to be alright
I tend to get a good sleep, almost every night

My headphones cracked, they don't fit right any more
Ear buds are okay, but they make my ears feel sore
Time to get some new ones, this I really know
In life there's always, things we need to let go

©April 03, 2019 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I fixed my stereo, so I am keeping it. I got rid of my
Entertainment Center, and have little tables. I find as
I get older, I prefer dealing with smaller things. I am
happy with the way things look now. Isn't it true though,
we hold onto things way too long, and we must get rid
of the things when they no longer have meaning in our
lives. Changes occur all the time throughout our lifetime.

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