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On Trek

By Judith Kroll

Going Thru Changes

      Spoiling for a fight? Ready to blow off steam any minute now? You feel out of control and wonder what is wrong with you? Take heart, you are not alone. The earth is going thru a transformation now, and negative energies are flying around like bees on a hive. I would like to add, so are positive energy's. If energy was a train, hop the positive transport. Negatives take us further down the hole to depression. Positives take us above it all, so we can see the full picture. The bird's eye view so to speak.

      How many times have you sat and wondered what is the purpose of all this craziness I am seeing and experiencing? We are not being tested from any higher source, because we agreed to come here and learn thru experience. Our experience and the experience of others.

      Take advantage. Blow the whistle on the train of Transformation. For every negative there is a positive..or a couple more. Learn the lessons, smile and keep moving forward on the right tract of transformation. We are all changing believe it not. You are probably not the same person you were two years ago. The earth changes as well.

      Enjoy the ride. Look at the beautiful scenery. Judith 8/28/18

      August 16 at 12:16 AM

      Been missing pops, and been asking about him, wanting to see him etc. last night I couldn't sleep, thinking about things. I wanted to become part of a flower or a tree, and I figured out that it won't be my physical that becomes part of a tree..but my soul...spirit. I was trying to figure out how I could do that.

      As I lay there, there was this yellowish white perfect circle. Not huge... as big as a baseball maybe. Then it went away. I felt it was someone wanting to get in touch with me.

      So then I turned my head, the white circle came back..I was joyed..and then I see this typewriter. On two buttons one said, CALM DOWN. Another I believe said happy birthday. Anyway, I knew it was dad, then on this old typewriter was a computer screen. And there was a video of my dads family..all with him, and my grandma looked so young. It was like I was right there.

      Man that was awesome. Then it was gone..The memory is forever. Amazing the things Dad comes up with!!! Judith 8/16/18

      Unconditional Love

      Have you ever felt a strong desire to change the world! Lasting change—to change the planet comes from within each of us. Choose UNCONDITIONAL –non judgmental, perfect love!

      Every person deserves love. Love conquers all. Love haults the negatives. We HAVE love, But.Can we BE love?

      Perfection comes from BEING love. Choose wisely. Let our love unite ALL. Allow our lovelight to shine thru the fog of despair, so all can brightly BE a humanity..of ONE. Judith July 21, 2018

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