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On Trek

By Judith Kroll

Take a stand

The Bee's were weeping as they died
Because they ate the pesticides
Birds watched as they perched
wondering what was wrong
Bird's didn't sing their songs.

Humans protest upon deaf ears
No one listens to their fears
Children are born, children die
From the now bad water and pesticides.

The food crop grows unhindered by pests
A beautiful crop..Looks the best
At what cost does the garden grow?

When living things die, babies deformed..
finger pointing starts.
Who can eat and drink money?

Mama earth sheds her tears,
Waiting for the hearts of all to hear
The cry for love and no fear,
holding our earth as holy, and dear

Raise our heads and be a voice
Stand tall , make a choice
Be strong and take our stand,
save the earth, the land,
rejoice as we all form
the HUMAN band of love.

7/22/2017 Judith Kroll, Writings of Judith

Folds of Sunlight

She came to me within the fold of a sunlight beam.

Her face glowed with the Aura of the suns loving fingers
and shimmering as her Halo

I beamed the biggest smile in my dream,
as my child of light came to visit.

Her warmth of love will always be with me..

Our souls will forever shine in the
folds of the sunlight!!

6-2-17 Judith Kroll, Writings of Judith

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