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A Journey Of Self Discovery

By Bud Lemire

Lately I've been on a Journey Of Self Discovery
Looking at everything and what it means to me
A Soul's view from within
Putting a different light on everything

Finding a new meaning every day
How it affects me and in which way
Does it make a better me
Or is it taking away my energy

Not taking on anyone else's view as my own
Following a feeling that I have always known
Holding true to who I am inside
Sharing who I am openly with pride

Walking on the path I am on today
Releasing the words that only I can say
Learning all about the person I've become
Traveling life's road, to and from

A new way of thinking, changes happening here
Light shining for me, so my vision is clear
Seeing and feeling the soul is easy for me
Because I'm on A Journey Of Self Discovery

©Oct 7, 2012 Bud Lemire

Self Discovery doesn't change where you are, but changes how you see everything.
Remember to not get caught up in other people's views and emotions.
Stay within your own, and not letting their emotions override your own.
No one is better at being you than YOU.

It's all about being the "True" you at this very moment.

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