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With Love, From God

By Bud Lemire

Life is a trip, made by you and God
Some may understand it, some will find it odd
It is a journey, that's taken by the soul
A learning experience, to evolve and to grow

It is all too real, all that it may seem
Souls that walk as humans, traveling within some dream
Walking the distance, putting mileage on our feet
Closer to our home, with each day we meet

Gathering the wisdom, in the hardest class of all
On the planet Earth, until we hear the call
Listen very closely, in the quiet of your mind
Learn from this life, of all things that you find

Treat other souls kindly, when they come to you
Lessons to exchange, as you both pass through
Much is to be taught, much for you to learn
As you walk ahead, finding knowledge at each turn

Some things will seem, like they don't make any sense
Time will reveal the answers, you'll see over the fence
Your soul will awaken, and you'll understand the human bod
Was a special gift given, with love, from God

©April 10, 2006 Bud Lemire

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