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Lonely Soul

By Bud Lemire

Behind the door, there lives a lonely soul
Maybe it's someone that you might know
Hardly anyone stops to visit her there
It makes you wonder if anyone cares

Maybe in the lobby is where she'll find a friend
She puts on a smile, but it's too hard to pretend
Where are her friends, where is her family?
"Why don't my children come to visit me?"

Pushed aside like an old pair of shoes
Out of touch with her family's news
She never asked for this, to grow so old
Solitaire, life's unfair, her heart is growing cold

Watching out her window, as each car passes by
"Why doesn't someone stop in, even to say hi?"
"It would take a minute, and I'm sure that they would see"
"That it would be rewarding, to make me so happy"

"I guess they're caught up in their own lives, and don't think of me here"
"I remember when they were children, I always calmed them of their fear"
"Their lives are so full, in their spare time...they relax"
"Soon I shall be gone, and those are the facts"

"I wonder how they'll feel when I'm no longer here"
"I wonder if upon their faces, there'll be a falling tear"
"Maybe they won't miss me, and then they will know"
"Is it your life, you know A Lonely Soul?"

©Feb 20, 2006 Bud Lemire

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