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Don't Go To Sleep Mad

By John I. Blair

When I was a young and randy lad
(Hoping soon to be a dad),
A kindly auntie told me this:
†††††† If you want to treasure wedded bliss,
†††††† Donít go to sleep while youíre still mad.
†††††† Talk all night if you must, my dear,
†††††† Make a snack, sip some tea;
†††††† But the basic key to happiness
†††††† Is never to say Ďletís sleep on ití
†††††† And do it with a bitter sneer.
†††††† Find a way to make up and kiss
†††††† Or else your life will soon be sad.

I thought her advice so very clear
That Iíve followed it down to the present day;
And Iím still happy at sixty-three!

ģ2004 John I. Blair  

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