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Thank You God

By Bud Lemire

I thank you God, for giving me
Two good eyes, so I can see
A heart that feels, so very much
And hands that never, cease to touch

Thank you for the mouth to feed
So I can eat the food I need
Thank you for the nose as well
So I can take the time to smell

Thank you for the toes on my feet
And your guidance with each day I meet
Than you for the ears to hear
The music that is heard through my ear

Thank you for the tongue to taste
To cherish flavors before going to waste
Thank you for the lips to kiss
To experience the state of bliss

Thank you God, for giving me
Such a wonderful human body
Thank you God, for all you give
So I can enjoy, each day I live

©May 04, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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Reader Comments

Name: Amy Kurtz Email: Unlisted
Comment: Thank you, Bud, for such a beautifully written poem! A sure reminder to thank God for things that are so often taken for granted!



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