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Second Grade

By Bud Lemire

Thinking back to memories of my past
I remember my teacher, she was Mrs. Cass
It was second grade at the Washington school
I only lived a block away, so that was cool

It was 1967, and I do recall
The old school, made a mighty fall
It was winter time, and we always went
Sliding down, the old school's dent

It was a gap, where the old school had been
And sliding down there, always found me a friend
It was halfway through the school year
Our classroom moved to the new one, that was near

I recall it now, a new desk, a new place
The old school was gone, without even a trace
The new building had less stairs, than the old one did
These times are remembered, though I was only a kid

Mrs. Woodard taught first, and second was Mrs. Cass
Third was Mrs. Sprague, fourth was Mrs. Tippet's class
Fifth was Mr. Leduc, and sixth Ms. Severe
Some memories are fresh, while some are unclear

What a really nice teacher, was this Mrs. Cass
A friendly smiling soul, who's a part of my past
As I look back on the years, since my second grade
I cherish the old and the new, on the journey I've made

©April 06, 2005 Bud Lemire

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