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Irish Eyes

By Mattie Lennon


No. This piece is not about our ex-leaders luxury sailing vessel.

"Celtic Mist" is a five-piece band, which plays traditional music, ballads and folk songs. With a touch of country, bluegrass and even light opera thrown in. Shay Eustace and Margaret O 'Doherty formed it in 1993. (They have since formed a nuptial alliance). Patsy McEvoy and Sean Butler joined them (in the band that is) in 1998. Brian Kilcawley is a more recent addition.

Shay Eustace, who hails from the Dublin/Wicklow border near Manor-Kilbride, was involved in music from an early age. (Don't tell him I said this but I first heard him sing in 1963.) He formed the very successful group "The Fair Isle Folk" in the 1970's and is a collector of Irish music and ballads. His radio programme "Shay's Ballad Session" has been running for 25 years.

Margaret, who holds many Feis Ceol, Gold Medals, was born in Inishowen, Co.Donegal and trained as an opera singer, having studied voice at the College of Music, in Dublin. She is a mezzo-soprano and has appeared in the National Concert Hall and also in London and the USA. On the first anniversary of September 11th she performed in a series of concerts, in New York, with the Garda Male Voice Choir and next June she will accompany them, as a soloist, throughout Germany and Austria.

Patsy McEvoy, From Blessington, Co.Wicklow is a powerful singer and talented songwriter. Patsy was lead singer with "The Fair Isle Folk" has many records to his credit and is no stranger to the Irish music charts.

Sean Butler was born in Inchicore in Dublin but his interest in folk matters was sharpened by childhood summers spent in Sneem Co.Kerry. He plays electric accordion and guitar, was taught by John Mitchell and was Leinster Accordian Champion and a qualifier in the All-Ireland Championship. He also sings the odd ballad.

Brian Kilcawley, the newest member is from Beaumont, in Dublin. He studied Guitar, Mandolin, Violin, Tenor Bango and G-Bango. Music is in his blood; the late James Gill, famous flute and concertina musician from Crossmalina, was his grandfather. Brian is well known in Dublin, and surrounding areas, as a session musician.

Their latest album "By Popular Request" has fourteen tracks; a number of old favourites plus four original songs (three of them written by members of the band.)

    Margaret having been inspired by the death of her friend's twin infants wrote "Two Little Angels". This heart-rending track is much requested on radio programmes.
    Patsy McEvoy wrote "Homeland In Mayo" and "I'm Only Thinking Of You". The former was born out of his life-long interest in stories of emigration and the latter came to him while he was a patient in hospital " not knowing what tomorrow would bring".
    Donegal man Shunie Crampsey wrote "If I Had My Life To Live Over" and he joins Margaret in a duet on this album. "By Popular Request", on the Ceol label, is in the shops now and it promises to be even more successful than their previous one "The Rovers Return".

Don't take my word for it. This is what Brian Warfield of "The Wolfe Tones" has to say about it, " The performance by the group is top class, both the singing and the musicianship, so have a listen-I know you'll love it".

If it's not in your local record store just put 16 euro in an envelope ( that includes P&P) and send it to, Shay Eustace, Lisheen Music, Lisheen, Britts, Co.Dublin.

If you want the words of any ballad Shay is your man. You can email him at or


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